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Air compressors that are oil-free have a variety of advantages, including low cost easy maintenance, as well as environmental protection. They’re a great option for individuals or businesses who utilize air compressors and are looking for an efficient, practical alternative.


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What is an Oil-Free Air Compressor?

An oil-free air compressor is an air compressor that does not use oil to lubricate moving parts. This type of compressor is often used in applications that require clean air, such as the food and beverage industry or medical environments. Oil-free air compressors are also less likely to produce oil-related emissions that are harmful to the environment.
Overall, oil-free air compressors have many advantages over oil-lubricated compressors. They produce cleaner air, are less likely to produce oil-related emissions, and are generally more efficient. However, they can also be more expensive and may not be as powerful. The type of air compressor that is best for you depends on your specific needs and budget.
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Application of Oil-Free Compressors

These are applications that comprise food processing and drink manufacturing and manufacturing and packaging for pharmaceutical companies (manufacturing as well as packaging) and wastewater treatment chemical and petrochemical processing manufacturing of electronics and semiconductors as well as textile manufacturing, automotive painting and numerous other. Even the tiniest quantity of contamination with oil could result in costly production disruptions and product spoilage. This makes the class 0 an industry-standard.


High-end cars of today deserve a premium finish. Air that is free of oil is healthier than air that is laden with oil. This is essential for automotive applications since oil can cause damage to components and cause problems. The most effective results in car painting can be achieved by using compressed air that is free of oil. Send beautiful cars to your clients.


In some chemical processes, the use of oil-free air is necessary to reduce the chance of an explosion. For instance, the production of oxygen by compressed air, as well as the subsequent compression and usage. In the chemical and manufacturing industries, the purity of products is an absolute requirement.

Food and Beverage

A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy food and drinks. Customers love your brand due to its quality and taste. As a food or beverage manufacturer, you need to give them the highest possible product. This is why you choose the 100% oil-free compressed air. Because you are aware that the quality of air and its health are important.


The production environment must be ultra-clean and clean to the performance that electronic parts. In the age of modern cleanrooms where 100 percent compressed air that is oil-free is obvious. Electronics experts are aware that cleanliness and quality matter.

PET Bottle Blowing

Customers love and appreciate your brand due to the quality and taste. As a producer of PET bottles, you’re keen to give them the finest product. This is why you choose pure compressed air that is oil-free. Because you understand that the importance of quality and health.

Oil and Gas

In the industry of oil and gas, the reliability of systems, processes and distribution go together with security. Safety inspectors are aware of the significance of using compressed air that is free of oil. This helps the control systems and processes smoothly, safe and secure. Because they are aware that the importance of reliability and quality.


Benefits of Oil-Free Compressors

100% Pure Air

If your industry demands 100% clean, oil-free compressed air, you cannot compromise on quality. Our oil-free compressors provide the atmosphere necessary for clean air applications. We set air purity standards and are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified. These compressors provide 100% pure, oil-free compressed air and improve energy efficiency.

Increased Sustainability

With 100% pollution-free air, we are confident your compressed air system will run as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Zero Risk of Contamination

Some processes require clean, dry, oil-free air without risk of contamination. With an oil-free compressor, your system and your business will have peace of mind.

Lower Maintenance Cost & Energy Savings

A true oil-free compressor has no oil in the compression chamber. This minimizes downstream filtration requirements and pressure drop, which directly translates into energy savings and a lower total cost of ownership.

Ultimate Oil-Free Air Compressor

This is a breakthrough revolutionary oil-free air compressor. Our range of compressors are designed with low pressure and high pressure dry screw airends. Each host is individually driven by a variable speed permanent magnet synchronous motor. This provides a superior level of efficiency compared to conventional oil-free technologies.

Experience Peace Of Mind

Our standard warranty ensures peace of mind while your system is running. For extra protection, take advantage of our 5-year extended console warranty program. Simply put, it’s the best in the business.

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