China Good quality Sliding Gate Rack and Pinion Steel Rack for Sliding Gate Motor with Hot selling

Our company can supply different sizes of steel racks for sliding gate openers:



Dimension of Sliding Gate Rack

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Sliding Gate Rack and Pinion

The sliding door with rack and pinion is a simple steel door in both manual and electric versions. Manual doors are easy to operate and require no electricity or air. Manual doors are suitable for small particle systems or tight spaces. Powered rack and pinion sliding doors are more common in commercial applications and are driven by electric motors. The electric motor is explosion-proof and high-voltage capable.
Electric and pneumatic controls are available for single or multiple doors. For more extensive commercial operations, electrical control with limit switches is standard. You can also specify explosion-proof motors and actuators. Pneumatic control provides greater force and faster response time. You can also choose a pneumatic system if your gate is used in feed mills and commercial operations. If you want a pneumatic sliding door, you can choose a professional that doesn’t have an installation label.

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