DSR-50A Belt Driven Screw Air Compressor




◆ Voltage: 380V/50HZ. 7.5A, 10A are direct start, 15A and above are star-delta start
◆ Other pressure (up to 16bar) screw air compressor, welcome to negotiate
◆ The company keeps improving the product and reserves the right to change the design. Parameters are subject to change without notice
◆ Water-cooled models can be customized for some models
◆ A behind the model number stands for air cooling, and W stands for water cooling

Technical Parameters of Belt-Driven Screw Air Compressor

Power Air displacement / Discharge pressure(m3.min/Mpa) Dimension Pipe Diameter Weight
(KW) (L×W×H)mm (kg)
DSR-10A 7.5 1.2/0.7 1.1/0.8 0.95/1.0 0.8/1.3 660*630*830 G3/4 190
DSR-15A DSR-15AV 11 1.7/0.7 1.6/0.8 1.4/1.0 1.2/1.3 970*750*1000 G3/4 280
DSR-20A DSR-20AV 15 2.4/0.7 2.2/0.8 2.0/1.0 1.7/1.3 970*750*1000 G3/4 310
DSR-25A DSR-25AV 18.5 3.1/0.7 2.9/0.8 2.7/1.0 2.2/1.3 1100*850*1300 G1 410
DSR-30A DSR-30AV 22 3.8/0.7 3.5/0.8 3.2/1.0 2.9/1.3 1100*850*1300 G1 430
DSR-40A DSR-40AV 30 5.2/0.7 5.0/0.8 4.3/1.0 3.7/1.3 1100*850*1300 G1 1/4 500
DSR-50A DSR-50AV 37 6.4/0.7 6.1/0.8 5.7/1.0 5.1/1.3 1200*1000*1420 G1 1/2 640
DSR-60A DSR-60AV 45 8.0/0.7 7.7/0.8 7.0/1.0 5.8/1.3 1200*1000*1420 G1 1/2 730
DSR-75A DSR-75AV 55 10.5/0.7 9.8/0.8 8.7/1.0 7.5/1.3 1500*1150*1460 G2 1100
DSR-100A DSR-100AV 75 13.6/0.7 13.3/0.8 11.6/1.0 9.8/1.3 1550*1270*1500 G2 1160

Our Benefit

1. Imported premium principal engine. It is the third generation product of the world-class brand an asymmetrical 5:6 toothed rotor with outstanding performance and high efficiency much higher than comparable brands.

2. Control system that is fully intelligent and has an LCD display equipped with self-diagnosis and security devices remote control, and interlocking for multiple hosts for unattended and advanced operation.

3. Three-phase asynchronous motor devoted to Y series compressors bearings from world-renowned brands imported F-class insulation, IP54 is particularly suitable for long-term use, secure and reliable.

4. Filter for imported oil, gas and oil Separation filter, 3-way separation in order to make sure that content of oil is not more than 0.001ppm The main body is constructed of metal pipethat is safe to use for a long time with no leakage or deformation. This V-shaped conveyor belt that is imported from Germany has a lifespan that exceeds 10,000 hours.

5. Automated intelligent control of the air volume, and automatic shut-down when the speed of idle is extremely long and ensuring energy savings by more than 25 percent.

9.6 A valve-less circuit for oil makes operation of the entire machine more secure and safer. The main engine uses specially-designed compressor oil imported from the United States which minimizes the external and internal leakage in the compressor, enhances the performance for the primary engine and extends the lifespan of the machine.